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 We know how much you love your dog, so we want to help you show him how much you truly care. Treat your dog to a healthier coat with grooming and bathing services in our pet-friendly Salon in Cleburne, Texas. Cleburne Pet Grooming bathes and grooms dogs for your convenience. Using specialty shampoos, nail clippers, and other tools, we expertly groom your 4-legged friend to be the "best in show!" Contact us today for more details about how Cleburne Pet Grooming can make your dog the envy of the other pets in the neighborhood.


 Dog Grooming & Bathing

Your pet will feel soft and smell sweet after a visit from our pet salon. We offer a wide range of services including haircuts, brushing, ear cleaning, and anal gland expression to keep your pet clean from ears to tail. Grooming is not just for looks! Keeping your pet well groomed is also good for their health and happiness.

 The Furminator Treatment

Tired of fur all over your couch? The Furminator Treatment is a 20-minute grooming process that helps reduce shedding to take care of the excess hair found on your clothes and furniture. This 3-step service includes shampooing to lift the hair follicle, applying a solution to loosen the dead hair, and blow drying the dog using a special tool to extract loose and undercoat hair. After this process is completed, your dog will have a healthy, shiny top coat that will make all other dogs in your neighborhood bark with jealousy.

 Nail Clipping

Complete your dog's new, cleaner look with nail clipping services quickly and efficiently completed during your grooming service. For your convenience, we accept walk-ins with no additional surcharges for nail clippings during any dog grooming or bathing service.

All smaller dogs and scissored breeds are completely hand dried. Because of our great attention to detail; it is very important for our clients to be on time for appointments. This ensures sufficient time to properly groom our guests with a gentle touch. We offer same day appointments when available.

We work diligently to maintain a pest-free facility. Therefore, we request that all canine guests be treated with a quality flea and tick preventative prior to visiting our Salon. If we find such pests on any guest, we will immediately bathe or dip accordingly and there will be a mandatory extra charge for this treatment.

We offer a full line of premium shampoos which include:

Plum Natural, Oatmeal and Aloe, Whitening & Brightening, Deshedding,

Our Colognes include:

Lavender Magic, Wild Honeysuckle, Flowering Bamboo, Tropical Coconut, Holiday


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